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Anytime Farma

Way Of Life

We are a family-owned natural farm and industrial hemp grower with an accumulated lifetime of gardening and crop cultivation experience. From humble beginnings growing the family garden of vegetables, berries and flowers, we would grow to put up our harvest to last throughout the remaining year. Now we wish to share with everyone our passion of Farm-ing to Home CBD Hemp availability.

Commitment To Care

We grow and process our full spectrum CBD slow and by hand in small batches using time tested, natural, quality principles. AnytimeFarma Hemp CBD oil is the foundation of our Relaxed AF products, key to our commitment to provide a feeling of relaxation, health and contentment.


Our Personal Values

We believe that a simple thing is often the best thing. Having experienced the impact of effective natural CBD remedies to alleviate ailments and enhance wellness, we wish to share this overall feeling of relaxation and well-being with you!


Relaxed AF Products

Hemp CBD Oil presents as a top-shelf, full-spectrum cannabis infused MCT oil.

Our Hemp CBD and Beeswax Balm pairs relief and relaxation with a natural cannabis scent and flavor.

Hemp CBD Flower is hand-selected, trimmed and cured tops of our finest producing plants providing the best relaxation benefits of CBD.

Hemp CBD Tablets with Full-spectrum Hemp CBD Oil concentrate.

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Expert Farmers

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30 Years Agriculture Experience

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