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Anytime Farma

The passage of the 2018 US farm bill has allowed farmers in America to officially cultivate industrial hemp, roughly 80 years after it was declared illegal by the Federal government. Hemp is fast becoming one of the most exciting crops with many benefits within holistic approaches to achieve a sense of health and well being.

Growing Conditions

Protected in an eastern facing area, AnytimeFarma’s Hemp plants enjoy the warm-weather, organically-rich well-drained soil, and optimal growing conditions of south eastern Michigan. Our farm is well tilled and augmented with organic compost before each crop is planted. Absolutely no pesticides or herbicides are used! We conduct an annual soil check to determine optimal nutrient levels and necessary supplements. We actively work to use natural growing techniques, many times by hand, to provide the cleanest and safest crop.


The Plants

Our passion at AnytimeFarma is in small-batch CBD production. Our locally-sourced seeds are planted in individually-prepared potting trays and germinated on-site in our temperature controlled greenhouse. This ensures consistency in seedling starts before they go into the field. We use an 80/20 rule where only the best 80% of starts make it to the transplanting stage. AnytimeFarma’s plant starts are transplanted shortly after the final frost. This is when the soil reaches the desired temperature as early in the season as possible, ensuring that our plants root well and develop quickly into healthy viverant plants.

The Harvesting Process

Before we harvest, samples are sent to our state mandated testing facility to ensure quality and compliance. Once the plants are ready we hand harvest to assist in minimal flower handling and prevent introduction of any environmental contaminants. We harvest our hemp at the exact right time, allowing for optimal CBD concentration. We select and sort the best flower, only the best is selected for the final product.

Agriculture Matters to the Future