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Though the effects of CBD are dissimilar to those of THC, the side effects of CBD are possible. While most of the side-effects are largely positive, here are a few of the not-so-positive side-effects of CBD users should know.

Before we delve deeper into the topic, it should be highlighted that few other naturally occurring remedies offer as many benefits as CBD or Cannabidiol Oil. CBD is one of two naturally occurring active components within the Cannabis plant.

The other component of Cannabis is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects, feeling of euphoria, or the ‘high’ that users experience when consuming Cannabis. At the same time, CBD provides a counterbalance to the changed behavioral and cognitive conditions that come when consuming Cannabis.

Alternatively, the cannabinoid compound in CBD can be used as a sole remedy for several physical and mental problems. These can range from reducing pain to providing stress relief.

Given that high quantities of THC are noticeably absent from CBD oil and other CBD products, users will not be exposed to any of the ‘high’ associated with Cannabis.

While few, here are some effects of CBD worth noting –

Anxiety and Depression

A recent study has shown that more than 30% of adult Americans suffer from a form of anxiety disorder at some point in their life. While the feeling of depression and anxiety is unwelcome, it is a natural bodily response.

Traditional medication for anxiety and depression have been criticized for some of their unwanted side-effects and a perceived lack of improvement in a patient’s condition. This is largely down to the fact that most medications do little more than masking the mental problem. They are unable to alleviate the problem entirely. CBD medication, on the other hand, triggers certain physical and mental responses that are beneficial in the long-term.

Medications that target the serotonin system in the human body can treat depression and anxiety. CBD improves the transmission of specific serotonin receptors, thereby prolonging their effects.

Additionally, CBD also encourages the production of neurons located in the hippocampus of the brain. Patients that are suffering from depression often face problems with neurogenesis and are at added risk of suicidal behavior.

Inflammation and Chronic Pain

CBD creates an environment that fosters the absorption of anandamide. Anandamide, also known as the ‘bliss molecule’, is a neurotransmitter produced in the human brain. As the nickname suggests, Anandamide is primarily responsible for inducing a feeling of joy while controlling pain.

Biologically speaking, when a person suffers from pain, the Anandamide within their body blocks the pain’s signal to the brain. Therefore, an elevated level of Anandamide in the bloodstream is thought to suppress pain initiation in a person.

By triggering anandamide in the body, CBD can prove beneficial to patients suffering from a wide range of pain-related conditions. These include multiple sclerosis, cancer pain, arthritis, etc.

Another common use of CBD oil is to counter inflammation in the nervous system and the brain. CBD is able to bind the CB2 receptors in the human body and, when stimulated, can produce several responses that influence the immune system.

CBD is also a rich source of Omega-3 which contributes to its inflammation-fighting powers.

Controlling Epilepsy

The FDA has recently given its approval for a Marijuana-based epilepsy drug which contains a high dose of CBD and is used to treat two kinds of severe epilepsy.

The approval from the FDA followed a set of double-blind, random, trials in a controlled environment involving 500 patients. The study concluded that, compared to the placebo, ‘CBD was an effective answer is reducing the frequency epileptic seizures’.

While a positive effect of CBD on seizures has been proven, the exact impact it has on epileptic episodes is still up for debate.

A number of preclinical studies indicate that CBD is able to regulate over-worked brain cells. However, a seizure can be triggered by any number of different situations. And when it comes to epileptic seizures, the cause isn’t exactly clear.

That said, in all cases, patients begin to experience an over-excitement of nerve cells within the brain. The problem with epilepsy patients is that they are not able to control this over-stimulation due to an underlying medical problem in the central nervous system.

It is clear that, instead of impacting the nerve cells in the brain directly, CBD influences the functioning of these cells by triggering the endocannabinoid receptors.

Diabetes & Inflammation

While the side-effects of CBD are well-documented, a lesser-known side-effect of CBD is its ability to limit the exposure to diabetes.

A study published in 2007 involving animals found that less than 30% of mice that were on CBD medication were diagnosed with diabetes. In comparison, the number was between 85% and 100% from studies involving other emulsifier medication.

Cannabinoid receptors are located in the pancreas, the part of the body that produces insulin. CBD triggers these receptors and creates an easy pathway for the production of insulin.

As with the case in the point above, CBD is not directly responsible for the production of insulin. It merely interacts with other compounds in the human body that contribute to creating the desired physiologic environment.

CBD has also shown the ability to control inflammatory responses associated with diabetes. Disorders related to glucose and chronic inflammation are a common result of diabetes onset. CBD triggers the metabolic system in the body, especially in the case of patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

As you may have surmised, the side-effects of CBD too are really beneficial! In truth, the adverse effects of CBD are few and far between.

With the growth of awareness, there is a heightened demand for CBD oil and other CBD products. As a result, several manufacturers and distributors can be found online offering ‘the best, organic CBD product’. However, while most are authentic, some may not be as good as they promise.

At AnytimeFarma, we take pride in our Relaxed AF products and guarantee that you are receiving the best products from the finest Hemp produce – grown and prepared in the United States.

Our line of Hemp-based CBD products is available here. We offer easy purchase and delivery options. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions or concerns.


CBD products that are derived from Hemp and contain less than the prescribed 0.3 percent of THC are legal per federal law. However, certain state laws may still deem it illegal.

CBD products that are derived from Marijuana are illegal per federal law but remain legal under laws of certain states.

It is advisable to check the appropriate state laws in case of travel. It is important to note that over-the-counter CBD products are not approved by the FDA.

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