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Of the more than 100 compounds in the cannabis plant, cannabidiol has received by far the most scrutiny and analysis. The popularity of CBD is thanks to its wide range of medicinal properties and its negligible side effects. Of all the compounds contained in the cannabis plant, CBD is the most therapeutic. Medical experts have recommended CBD to help with a wide spectrum of medical conditions. 

Any side effects of CBD are usually fairly mild and relatively brief. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the other major compound in the cannabis plant, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects on users. Given that CBD lacks the mind-altering effects of THC, users are free to consume CBD without the worry of the infamous ‘high’ associated with marijuana use. 

Of the various ways to consume CBD, in this post we will discuss the many benefits of smoking CBD hemp flowers.

Different Ways Users can Consume CBD

  • Using CBD Tinctures sublingually i.e applying a few drops of CBD under the tongue via a dropper.
  • Swallowing CBD tablets or capsules.
  • Consuming edibles like CBD gummies, etc.
  • Applying CBD topicals and creams directly to the affected area on the skin.
  • Vaping CBD

Users may choose any one of the different methods above based on their individual preference and one of three basic factors – the time taken before the effects of CBD can be observed, personal preference and concentration. For example – vaping CBD or using oil tinctures provide faster results when compared to other methods of CBD consumption.

The concentration of CBD in your chosen product is one of the main factors that determining the amount of CBD actually enters the bloodstream. Sublingual oils and vape juice are especially high when it comes to concentration or ‘bioavailability’.

In a new trend an increasing number of CBD users are moving away from these traditional forms of CBD, choosing instead to smoke hemp flowers. Here are some of the main reasons for this change.

It is Affordable

While the popularity of cannabis has increased substantially in the recent past, the high cost or products such as oils and vape juice can be inhibitive for users. The main reason for the high cost is the expensive manufacturing process of  good quality CBD and This leads to users making a tradeoff between quality and affordability.  

Fortunately CBD hemp flowers are considerably cheaper than most other CBD products. Given that CBD hemp flowers are usually available in dry weight, users can buy it in bulk at cheaper costs.

It is Not Psychoactive

While cannabis is generally associated with a feeling of euphoria or ‘high’, it is actually the THC contained in marijuana that leads to the famous psychoactive effects. Given that hemp almost entirely contains CBD and only minuscule amounts of THC, users are able to enjoy all of the therapeutic effects of cannabis without worrying about mind-altering side effects.

Quick Results

Smoking CBD flowers is a much faster way to incorporate the therapeutic effects of CBD than most other forms of CBD. As touched upon earlier, the time taken to notice the effects of CBD is a critical factor when it comes to choosing a preferred CBD product. 

Smoking CBD flowers allows the cannabinoids to be carried by the smoke directly to the lungs from where it is absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately. In contrast other forms of CBD can take anywhere between 30 minutes to a couple of hours before the effects are noticeable.

Higher Bioavailability

Hemp flowers have a bioavailability level of upto 50% when smoked. This is considerably higher than CBD oil tinctures that have a bioavailability level of about 20%. When using CBD oils or edibles, the normal digestion process of the human body also needs to be considered, hence the delay in the onset of effects.

When it comes to CBD hemp flowers, the digestion process is bypassed when the cannabinoids directly enter the bloodstream via the lungs.


Hemp based products have been approved by the US federal government when the 2018 hemp bill was passed by Congress. This made it legal to grow, sell, and use hemp-based products. The only caveat being that the products do not contain more than .3% of THC. 


CBD products that are derived from Hemp and contain less than the prescribed .3 percent of THC are legal per federal law. However, certain state laws may still deem it illegal.

CBD products that are derived from Marijuana are illegal per federal law but remain legal under the laws of certain states. 

It is advisable to check the appropriate state laws in case of travel. It is important to note that over-the-counter CBD products are not approved by the FDA.

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