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Is CBD Useful for Treating Asthma?

Asthma is a commonly occurring atopic disease that is brought upon as a reaction to certain allergens. Asthma leads to the inflammation and constriction of airways that reduce the capacity to breathe in air. Common symptoms of asthmatic patients include…

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Slow-Cooked Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatballs with CBD

This is one of the more popular CBD-infused comfort food recipes. These slow-cooked mozzarella-stuffed meatballs with CBD are loaded with cheese and are packed with loads of flavor. This wholesome dish satisfies even the most ardent meat lover and also…

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Can CBD Help Fight COVID-19?

2020 was a year steeped in uncertainty and 2021 is shaping up to be not much better. The one consistent aspect of these past months has been the growth and spread and of the COVID-19 virus and the global pandemic…

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Spicy Shrimp Pasta with Pesto & CBD

Seafood and pasta fans will love this recipe as it combines the best of both worlds. This is a healthy, refreshing and delicious meal that provides a healthy dose of high-quality proteins, unsaturated fats, and complex carbohydrates. Add in some…

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An Introduction to CBD Cocktails

CBD-based cocktails and mocktails are becoming quite popular during a night out. But what is CBD and why are more and more people so interested in it?  This article attempts to throw some light on the good, the bad, and…

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Recipe – Watermelon, Arugula and Grilled Apricot with CBD

This recipe is perfect to beat the summer heat and rejuvenates the body with fresh fruits and vegetables. This summer salad is the best way to indulge in these refreshing ingredients. This is a quick, effortless and delicious recipe that…

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Some Common CBD Myths Put Right

Given the rapid and meteoric rise in the popularity of CBD, the misconceptions around CBD and Cannabidiol are also gaining in popularity. As is the case with any other product, medical or otherwise, released in the market, there is a…

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CBD-Based Guacamole

Mexican cuisine is well known for its flavorful and delicious ingredients and guacamole is by far the king of all dips used for main and side dishes. Avocado is the main ingredient in this recipe and provides a generous dose…

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The Pros & Cons of Vaping CBD

With the stigma around CBD fast receding, CBD is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative therapy. The misconceptions around CBD are fast becoming a thing of the past with an increasing number of users educating themselves on the positive benefits…

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